One of the leading cause of home fires are clogged dryer vents. Yes, this is the number one reason you should have your entire system cleaned and checked regularly. Having a trusted professional company, come out and clean it correctly is the only way to go.

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We utilize top of the line techniques, tools and systems to make sure your entire dryer vent system has been flushed out, breathing properly and clear of all lent.

Hose Cleaning – When cleaning your dryer vent system we start from clearing out all blockage on your dryer vent hose (From Dryer to Wall) Cleaning this first allows us to clear all blockage and see if the initial problem lies here.

Exterior Cleaning – We then will assess and clean the exterior of your home where the vent release the air outside. Many times these area can be clogged by lent, nests and broken or damaged shield protectors.

Interior Pipe Cleaning – Once we have cleared and cleaned both the entry point and exit point we can clean the entire system by flushing the entire pipe with our pressurized equipment to ensure you are have a truly clean system as well as a repaired system if any such issue is found.

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I was very impressed with their attention to detail and friendly service. I have small children and I felt very comfortable with them in my home.

–Jen B.