We proudly serve North Texas with the best in professional window cleaning at an affordable rate. We offer annual, Quarterly and as needed cleaning for both commercial and residential clients.

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Window cleaning company

Window cleaning companies

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Hand Washing and Water Fed Pole Services

We offer the best and proven techniques to every job, that meet and exceed our clients expectation. Utilizing the right techniques ensure the best possible clean as well as leave options for businesses and residential clients that may be on a budget.

Hand Washing – Is the most common and well known type of service, where a window cleaner has a hand held mop and squeegee as well as a dry rag. This close to glass surface allows for the best possible cleaning for both commercial and residential windows.

Water Fed Pole Services – Water Fed Poles are a great way to get a good clean on all glass surface. This system comes with ionized water that creates a spot free rinse on windows. This process is a little faster than a hand wash and helps clean large buildings efficiently and residential windows at a lower cost.

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